Teaching Awards

My students are nice. I know that because a mystery student* nominated me for one of this year’s Liverpool Hope University teaching awards. Namely, I was nominated for the “amazing supervisor” category, which I take to be consequence of the fact I have removed all the student-sized traps I had outside my office door. In any case, I may be an amazing supervisor, but I am not quite amazing enough to win, since I got on the short list, but did not get the award. In other words, close, but no cigar**. In hindsight, I can rationalize and take comfort in the fact that I would not know where to put the plaque, and the photo would probably have come out funny.

All in all, a great initiative, very rewarding, and I wanted to thank the Liverpool Hope University Students’ Union for promoting this award.

Below is a photo of West Kirby and it is totally unrelated.DSC00733

* I have a few ideas who it may be…

** Which is fine because I don’t smoke.


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