On the way out (part 2)

After three and a half years at Liverpool Hope University, which I thoroughly enojoyed mainly due to the warmth and professionalism of my colleagues, I have made the decision to seek out a new challenge. As of yesterday, I am now at Liverpool John Moores University. Not a big move, geographically speaking, since I am only a few miles down the road, but a move nonetheless; and, in that respect, a move that I have made with a hefty mixture of excitement and sadness. The excitement, obviously, comes from the prospect of working in a vibrant and strong School, and as part of a University that is trying to put itself on the map with clear vision and ambition. The sadness, on the other hand, comes with leaving behind my old Department, and my old students, albeit with the knowledge that the latter will be well looked after in my absence by the former.

I learned a lot during my time at Hope and I must say that I do feel transformed. Looking back, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into when I moved over from New York in 2012 to become a Lecturer; I feel that I have become, through some good and some bad experiences, a much better scientist and teacher, but also a better husband and hopefully person.

And I know Oskar (pictured) meaow-grees (wife photo credit).



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